réunir pour réussir

ouvert le 10 février 2014


The « United to Succeed » list is headed by Jean-Marie Chazal. Jean-Marie was born in La Bretèche and has always lived here. He holds the quality of village life close to his heart and has been involved in St Nom la Bretèche  for over thirty years, both as a councillor and the leader of campaigns to preserve the quality of its village life. Among his achievements are the by-pass of the route de St Germain and the Avenue des Platanes (C98), and commissioning the free minibus service for the inhabitants of St Nom .
The « United to Succeed » list is apolitical. Its priorities are :
Listening to the local population 
We will consult the local population regarding all projects, and if necessary organise a referendum.
Our promises :
1.We guarantee to reply to all correspondence and meeting requests within the week.
2.We will offer regular « surgeries » with the councillors.
3.We will put in place a weekly surgery with the Maire.
4.The council will pay heed to all requests made by the chairmen of our local         associations.
5.We will re-establish the consulting committees whose rôle is to make                recommendations on matters of interest to the community.
6.Each committee will include a member of the international community.
7.We will nominate an ombudsman.
8.We will consult with residents when planning road work.
Preserving the character of the village of St Nom la Bretèche and its countryside.
We refuse to watch St Nom la Bretèche become a suburban town. The current St Nom council has altered the local plan (« Plan Local d'Urbanisation/PLU ») in a way which will allow a gradual and irreparable disfigurement of the village. Our priority is to change the local plan in order to prevent the proliferation of constructions, and oblige new buildings to meet an architectural style which fits in with the village rather than transforming it into a suburban town .